All the hammers and wrenches in the world cannot help Tim the tool man Houston fix this problem; he better call in the experts, oh wait, he dismissed them. Angela Bowden on the firing of Dr. OmiSoore Dryden, Dr. Kesa Munroe-Anderson, and the appointment of a white Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs.

Angela Bowden: “Hearing happy associated with somebody’s perpetrator of their genocide and trauma does not go well together. And, at this stage in the game, with racial tensions and hate crimes at an escalating high in Canada and indeed the world, hearing happy Canada Day can be significantly triggering for those being abused by Canada and all of its systems!”

Angela Bowden on yesterday’s sentencing of Shawn Wade Hynes. the white man who shot a staple gun at young Nhlanhla Dlamini: “Hynes’ crimes were cushioned by his best interests (potential rehabilitation and trauma), while it paid lip service to the actual trauma he caused his victim. I wonder why Shawn Hynes’ character was granted the benefit of the doubt straight in the face of his clear anti-Blackness?”

Angela Bowden: Nova Scotia has had a significant race problem for ever and I’m not sure why that comes as such a surprise to some Nova Scotians, especially considering there are so many who are historically and currently participating in this abuse, and it is so publicly documented in this new age of internet and social media.

“And somebody besides me must remember how their parents did not allow Black boys and Black girls into their homes, so we had to sneak in and sneak out of their homes and their parties.” Angela Bowden wonders when white people will finally come to acknowledge all the aggression and contempt heaped upon Black Nova Scotians at the most intimate levels.

Angee Bowden: Hearing Happy and Canada in the same sentence can be very triggering for Black and Indigenous people. It’s like a rapist to the #Metoo movement, Canada is our rapist .