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My bully wears blue, a poem by Angela Bowden

My Bully Wears Blue

My heart is so heavy
and I know yours is too
We wear black
 and our bully wears blue

Let’s talk about the virus that corona didn’t cause 
That lingers in our society 
Like precipitation fog 
And I can’t see on this frightening walk
the dangers ahead

Or the auction block

Let’s talk about the genocide at the hands of the police 
let’s talk about our blood that is covering these streets 
Like tar

And perhaps that’s why the cops have “beats”
Cause they do.... beat.....

Let’s talk about the rope hanging from the tree 
that’s connected to the knee
That sucked out the life 
Of brother George Floyd and Freddy
The mysterious black woman “suicide” 
Toronto we need answers
How did Regis really die 
No no not your lies
Cause her mama heard her cry
Before she was silenced

Let’s talk about Santina
Who was beat like Rodney King
By these ideologies 
Deeply rooted in police
That black lives matter least

They are mere scapegoats for their dirty deeds
Let’s talk

Let’s talk about the pain 
When we see it over again
Lining the tracks 
Of this fast moving train 
While the fog clouds rain
Soaking us in blood
Covered in excuses
Cuts and bruises 
Dismissing the human
That’s trapped in the nooses


I am choking on the truth 
There is blood in my throat 
And we’re rotting 
From the root 

Photo Robert Devet

Angela read this poem at the #JusticeForRegis rally against police brutality last Saturday. She kindly allowed us to publish it here.

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Angela Bowden is a frequent contributor to the Nova Scotia Advocate. She is one of the talented writers selected for this year’s Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program, offered by the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. Angee’s voice has always been unique and vital, it’s only getting more so over time.

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  1. such powerful words that made me cry and I am an INDIAN from this country CANADA n I thought we were so mistreated we still r but that is bad to treat pplz like that when u have authority if thats what it is My heart goes out to the people WE should all gather as ONE beautiful ” NATION ” LOviez

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