Labour Media release

PSA: Labour Day rally – Ten paid sick days for all!

Facebook event

When: Monday September 7, 2020 at 12-1:30pm

Where: Rally at Victoria Park, Halifax, followed by a march to 5991 Spring Garden Road

Hosted by Fight for $15 & Fairness – Halifax, Nova Scotia

This labour day, let’s rally together for ten paid sick days for all workers!

Currently, workers in Nova Scotia are only guaranteed three unpaid sick days a year. This has always been completely unacceptable.

Now, in the context of a global pandemic, the time has truly come for change. Workers should not have to choose between making ends meet, and protecting the public’s health. On May 25th, 2020, Justin Trudeau promised he would work with the provinces to ensure that all workers in Canada have ten paid sick days a year.

Stephen McNeil has refused to work with the federal government to grant all workers access to paid sick leave. Now is the time to let the province know that we can’t fight COVID-19 without guaranteeing each worker in the province access to ten paid sick days a year.

Join us as we gather at Victoria Park at 12 p.m. We’ll then march to Labi Kousoulis’ office at the corner of Spring Garden and Robie Street, where we’ll make ourselves heard. Solidarity in recovery!

(Please wear masks and respect social distancing)