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Letter: Stop the clearcutting

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Ecocide is the destruction of the natural environment by deliberate or negligent human action.

Despite the Lahey report being released over two years ago to stop this practice, they just keep cutting. We need to stop it.

See above for maps of Guysborough County as well as the Tobeatic area, showing the extent of clearcutting that has occurred in Guysborough. The cream colour is ‘clear-cut to trees that are 20 feet in height.

As you can see Guysborough County has been devastated by our government. They have allowed Port Hawkesbury Paper and Northern Pulp to hack this land until there was nothing left

Those purple and green forests are very valuable to wildlife and species at risk. And valuable to mills. The last of those pockets are being grabbed.. 

There is nothing left around the Liscomb Game Sanctuary area. There is nothing left in Guysborough County. They cleaned it out. They raped the land until there was nothing left. This is so disgusting and unbelievable. We need trees to take care of the carbon in the air and there are none left in this county.

A “logging friend” who lives in Guysborough says that there is no wildlife left and the songbirds are basically gone. Let that sink in.

They are now moving across the province to repeat the same destruction they already caused in Guysborough County. They are moving to the Tobeatic area to completely destroy that area. Irving crews want to go in there where there is endangered mainland moose and clean this area out. 

They are moving in to destroy as much as they can before seemingly endorsing the Lahey report. Irving and Westfor are hungry for wood. They couldn’t care less about the endangered mainland moose. They couldn’t care less about biodiversity. They couldn’t care less about this province. This is ecocide. 

Please do what you can to prevent this. Tell the government that we will not allow this. We say enough is enough!

Sydnee McKay is an active member of the Stop Spraying and Clear-cutting Facebook group.

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