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Weekend video: Dr. Pam Palmater in conversation with Chief Mike Sack of Sipekne’katik First Nation

“The poverty report came out last week, and our rate of child poverty sits at 78.1%, that’s the highest in Nova Scotia. And you know, in Shubenacadie, the community five minutes away sits at 30 percent. Within five minutes you shouldn’t have a drastic change like that.” 

Chief Mike Sack

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Dr. Pam Palmater, Mi’kmaw citizen, lawyer and a professor at Ryerson University, interviews Chief Mike Sack of Sipekne’katik First Nation for her excellent Warrior Life Podcast and Youtube channel

Chief Sack reflects on the First Nation’s efforts to establish a treaty-based moderate livelihood fisheries in the Bay of Fundy and the subsequent push back from settler fishers and DFO. He also talks about the long tradition of warriorship within the community, and the qualities of a true community leader.

Lots of information here that isn’t as readily available as it should be. 

A reminder that Sipekne’katik is still looking for support. Fishers from the community have suffered the loss of cut and DFO-confiscated gear. As well, concerned about their safety, Sipekne’katik fishers will not be participating in the commercial fishery this year. 

E-transfers can be sent to monicah@sipeknekatik.ca. Paypal payments can be sent to monicah@sipeknekatik.ca or found by searching for Sipekne’katik

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