What’s with this rule that says a crisis shelter must be occupied the moment it’s installed? Are empty crisis shelters allowed now, yes or no? Councillors take to Twitter and leave everybody confused.

Halifax/Kjipuktuk. Anti-war, Yemeni and humanitarian activists from over 300 organizations in 17 countries are coming together for an international day of action on January 25th 2021. In Halifax, peace activists are targeting arms manufacturer Raytheon, a supplier of missiles to Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition that is bombing and enforcing a blockade against Yemen.

“I still have relationship building and learning to do around how to be a better ally, but being open to discomfort is a good start. As long as I’m living and growing on stolen land, I need to be actively working to address that fact.”
Reporter Paul Wartman speaks with Jessie and Rebecca MacInnis of the Spring Tide Farm about the complex connections between settler farmers, land, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Danny Cavanagh: “Changing workplace safety will only happen about when bosses learn “kill a worker – go to jail”. Otherwise, fines are just a slap on the wrist, viewed as the cost of doing business.”