Media release: Judicial Review applicants Bob Bancroft & Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association will have their day in court on Thursday. In solidarity with the applicants, the grassroots “Save Owls Head” Facebook group is organizing a gathering of supporters outside the Law Courts at 9:30 AM on April 1, 2021.

Judy Haiven looks at labour law as it applies to Good Friday and Easter. These things are never simple. Don’t let your boss take advantage of this, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Judy Haiven takes a close look at Nova Scotia’s minimum wage, not only the 40 cents increase, but also who qualifies, how the minimum wage is set, where Nova Scotia fits in the grand scheme of things, and who all are affected.

Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland at Law Amendments in response to the (severely watered-down) Biodiversity Act (Bill 4): “We implore you to do your job as policymakers and exercise the power given to you as public servants with pride, knowing you are acting in the best interests of all Nova Scotians, of the Living Earth. This act is the first of its kind in Canada. Let’s make Nova Scotia a leader in a time when such leadership is critical.”

Marian Whitcomb on the need for an undiluted Biodiversity Act. “Passing this act is not a path to government overreach. It is the only path to saving our forests from what is to come. If we give no one the responsibility and the authority to protect our greatest treasure…no one will do the hard stuff. Our traditional native food sources are diminishing fast, and not just in the forests.”