In order to co-locate medical services, the Nova Scotia Health Authority is moving mental health and addictions services from three downtown Dartmouth locations to a new location in the Portland Hills subdivision. Dartmouth North MLA Susan Leblanc is worried that this will make in-person access way too difficult for residents of her riding.

After a Licensed Practical Nurse employed by a nursing home in Truro started raising concerns about working conditions and mentioned unionization he was promptly fired. Lisa Cameron takes a closer look.

It’s been 2.5 since a co-worker seriously injured Nhlanhla Dlamini with a nail gun, and 1.5 years since a guilty verdict was rendered, but the man found guilty still has not been sentenced. For Nhlanhla’s family and supporters that’s too long a wait. Justice must be served, and must be seen to be served.

Not calling out sexist slurs and aggressions is not being a good ally to women. It’s time we took a stand against those forms of gender bias we witness in all of our environments, including online, writes Abbie Lepage.

Speech by Gabrielle Peters at today’s Virtual Vigil for the Disability Day of Mourning: We are entering a dangerous time to be a disabled person in Canada. But I repeat this history to remind us it’s always been dangerous to be a disabled person in Canada. The specific threat we face from Bill C-7 is new to us but Canadian culture, laws, and society being a threat to our safety and well-being is not.

In March 2020 many often-overlooked truths abruptly entered into our lives; the one made abundantly clear was that we are in this together. We must support each other as we learn how to improve the conditions conducive to our collective wellbeing.

This pandemic has shown that ECEs are essential for daycares to run, so parents can work, and for children to have quality care. I feel it is unfair for us ECEs, who are an important part of children’s development, to be left with debt and the fear of poverty.