The day before the Nova Scotia legislature reconvenes, Haligonian Jacob Fillmore begins his hunger strike demanding urgent action to protect the critically endangered Mainland Moose. Fillmore explained the need for a temporary moratorium on clear cutting on crown land and his intentions to refuse food until this demand is met in a letter delivered to Premier Ian Rankin last Wednesday.

PSA: Economically, during the pandemic, women lost their jobs faster than men, thus triggering a recession to the female (′′ she-transfer ′′). In fact, women often work in schools, daycares, hotels, restaurants and retail stores, the areas hardest hit by COVID-19. closures. Without access to affordable childcare programs, women are having trouble getting back to work.

PSA: The pandemic has exacerbated issues that have been brewing in Nova Scotia for years, and the time is now to enact long-overdue policies to benefit low- and moderate-income people of all statuses. Our platform includes demands around housing including permanent rent control, inclusionary zoning, and residential tenancies reform – but we are also introducing demands around fair banking, minimum wage and labour, and raising the rates of income assistance and disability.”

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sb. smith on Bill C-7: “This shameful bill, when it comes to the disabled community, it is an example of why it is increasingly necessary for financially-privileged (and especially white, financially-privileged) disabled people to confront and be forthcoming about their wealth and social status.”