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Weekend video: Being Black in the Nova Scotian music industry – Reeny Smith

This mini documentary is a gem. It features North Preston’s amazing singer, song writer, musician and producer Reeny Smith as she performs and talks about obstacles Black artists face. The obstacles are real, but so is the joy and fun that pervades the entire video. The last few minutes, with Reena’s parents and siblings joining in, are priceless. 

I haven’t reached all my goals yet, but I have survived all the obstacles thrown at me so far. Every hurdle that’s come my way, whether it be doubters, or people trying to block my success, I survived and I am still here in this industry, trying to claim everything I can.

Reena Smith

The video is the work of Juliet Mawusi, a talented journalism student at the Nova Scotia Community College. We are republishing it here with Juliet’s kind permission.  

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Reeny Smith is from East Preston. It’s North Preston. Apologies.

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