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Press release: Dartmouth’s only community theatre closes the curtain on its first stage

June 15, 2021 – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 

We will be packing up the grease paint July 30, 2022, as our 34 year tenancy is ending. 

This will be our last season at Sawmill Playhouse, our home since 1987”, says Dale Charron, President of Dartmouth Players. “We’re excited to be searching for a new home that may better serve the community.” 

Dartmouth Players is seeking help in finding that new venue. Ideally, something with rooms for rehearsals; props, set pieces, and costume storage; dressing rooms, and a workshop. High ceilings are necessary for lighting rigs, and, of course, a comfortable audience area for our patrons to enjoy our productions is essential 

“Volunteers have always been the heart and soul of our organization.” 

Dartmouth Players is also seeking assistance from persons interested in helping with funding and grant writing. As we move forward, we anticipate opportunities for involvement in an expanded variety of skill sets including business and legal. 

Dartmouth Players is the only community theatre in Dartmouth, and remains one of the most successful community theatre groups in Nova Scotia, both theatrically and financially. It is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a viable, affordable, and inclusive community theatre in Dartmouth. It is a true amateur group – no wages or salaries – and members, performers, and technicians contribute and perform simply for the love of theatre. Dartmouth Players presents at least four productions per year to an average per-play audience of well over one thousand people and hosts many guest groups. Dartmouth Players has been in its current location at 33 Crichton Avenue, across from picturesque Sullivans Pond, since 1987. 

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Vanessa LePine