Laura Slade: “When you live in poverty, one of the most valuable gifts you can receive is the gift of self-determination. We know what we need. We know where it is best for us to shop, what we’re comfortable wearing and what we need to eat. Each human deserves the dignity of making their own choices.”

An important win for the right to choose movement! NDP MLA Claudia Chender’s abortion bubble zone legislation will likely go through third and final reading today. Once it receives royal assent the legislation establishes a 50 meter radius around abortion clinics and other locations where anti-abortion protest or other attempts at persuasion or interference will not be tolerated.

Laura Slade talks with Megan Boudreau, who has vowed not to stop until abortion seekers are no longer harassed by demonstrators at the VG in Halifax. Boudreau tells her that she was “shocked to see the anti choice protesters out so often” and wonders how “such an open, cultural, and seemingly liberal community allows these anti choice protesters to harass people like this.”

You may think that abortion access in Nova Scotia has improved in the last few years. People trying to access pregnancy termination, along with the advocates and health care workers who support them, tell a different story. Laura Slade reports.

Laura Slade explains why she handed out leaflets at the opening of the anti-abortion movie Unplanned, and debunks the many lies and inaccuracies contained in the movie. “It’s important that all people who have had an abortion or are considering one know that they’re not alone, that this film that’s designed to make them look like and feel like terrible people is full of deception.”