Lynn Jones writes an open letter to Marie-Claude Landry, Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. “During my 35+ year time in the FPS, I’d been employed on many of the programs supposedly to do what you are again doing today yet nothing has changed and the gaps remain…The time for reviews is over. That work has been done a multitude of times over an embarrassing number of years.”

Dr. Lynn Jones was questioned by Truro police when she stopped to watch deer, right in the historic African Nova Scotian Truro neighborhood where her family has lived for many generations. “Please add me to the list of African Nova Scotians who are constantly being racially profiled in this province for no valid reason and while you’re at it, give your constituents in Truro and your Town police a lesson in white privilege , anti Black racism and the history of the founding people of our province and Truro,” she writes in an open letter to Truro’s mayor.