Weekend video: Meet Dave, a resident of Nova Scotia’s South Shore, as he talks about the PTSD that he lives with, and his inability to find proper help. “And yet I sit here, through no fault of my own, in a position I can’t control. And when I ask for help, there is nobody listening.”

Former Chronicle Herald reporter Mary Ellen MacIntyre writes about an assortment of tactics she has used to entice a new family doctor, including trying to look younger, healthier and more interesting. Late last year there was the robocall to confirm that a doctor was still needed, and even that call became a source of stress. “And so, we wait. Close to one hundred thousand-strong, we wait.”

Both shocking and shockingly normal, My name is…, a short six-minute video gives voice to Shelburne residents worried about the state of healthcare in their neck of the woods. ER closures, lack of doctors, it’s scary to live in rural Nova Scotia these days if you need medical support.