Sunday, 21 October 2018
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Open letter to health minister Randy Delorey: The situation in Cape Breton is past the breaking point

Good morning, Randy,

I am still writing to you because I have to believe that my letters to you are not falling on deaf ears. I have to believe that someone, somewhere, cares about my community and the people that live here. So, although you still do not respond, I will still write, and have confidence that someday you will.

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Cape Breton was a mess this weekend. I called and left messages for you leading up to it in hopes that something would be done, but alas, I heard nothing back from you. Here is the list of closures.

Northside General – closes this afternoon and reopening Monday morning.

New Waterford – closes this afternoon and reopens Tuesday morning

Glace Bay – closes Saturday at 6am and reopens Tuesday morning

Baddeck – closes Saturday at 7am and expecting to reopen Saturday at 7pm

Are you aware that, also last week, the regional hospital emergency room reached what is called Code Census. This happens when an emergency room so full that it can not take any more patients. There is nowhere to unload people from ambulances. There is nowhere for people who are having an emergency to go.

Where do these people go, Randy, when all other emergency rooms are closed? Do we just die? What do we do, Randy? This situation is past the breaking point. We are at a place where people are dying. We have reached a point where people live in fear. There is nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and those elected to office to take care of us, those with a majority of power, are choosing to allow people to die rather then fix the problems. Who is responsible for these deaths? Who has the blood on their hands?

As always, I eagerly await your response

Lisa Bond

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  1. There should be lots of health issues in CB the Nova Scotia government is busy send Petcoke there which is not near as safe as coal , Petcoke in nothing more than Alberta hazardous waste product that burns like coal but is twice as dirty. Now to even make things worse there allowing big industry to burn plastic waste and hundreds of thousands of used tire , the Nova Scotia government seems to have no concern for public health.


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