Richard Starr looks at premier Stephen McNeil’s governing style and sees a pattern: “McNeil needs a new raison d’être, and with remarkable dexterity he has found one with COVID-19, moving smartly from the manufactured fiscal crisis to the real crisis presented by the pandemic.”

Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald on the need for a provincial inquiry with a feminist lens focused on confronting the degrees of men’s violence, including femicides, inflicted against women. “An inquiry must stay local—be voiced locally—to extend healing support and provide a local say in re-designing a non-violent culture for our future.” TW: descriptions of misogynist torture and other acts of male violence against women and children.

“This is what haunts us – the knowledge that women and children are trapped or captive in the safe at home COVID-19 directive, struggling to survive acts of violence that amounts to torture,” write Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald, co-founders of Persons Against Non-State Torture (NST). “How are we to care for all trapped in the shadow pandemic of violence against women and children that the COVID-19 pandemic has unsilenced?”

Robyn Bourgeois: “Addressing mass murder means taking a hard look at white masculinity and the normalization of violence. It requires that we refuse to dismiss mass murderers as mentally defective or a few “bad apples.” Instead, we must understand that the entire system of white masculinity is rotten. Because until we do, aggrieved white men will continue to commit mass murder and we will all continue to pay the price.”