On June 7th and on June 29th letters were sent by a number of Nova Scotian Senators to Ministers Blair and Furey regarding the pressing need to establish a joint federal/ provincial, equally led, public inquiry into the recent Nova Scotia mass shootings and related events.

The Senators are expanding their call to action to include Ministers Lametti, Monsef and Regan to further highlight the importance of ensuring that a feminist lens is employed as part of this investigation so as to ensure that a fulsome picture of the events that led to this atrocity are understood and ultimately addressed.

Petition: The mass murders in Nova Scotia were not “senseless.” They were predictable. We need an independent public inquiry with a feminist analysis of the persistent pattern of Nova Scotian women beaten, burned, sexually assaulted, stalked, strangled, shot, stabbed, tortured, trafficked, murdered (femicide), disappeared, and dismembered.