Media release: Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada employed by Harbour House, a transition house that provides temporary housing for women and their children who are victim of abuse, reached impasse while trying to bargain a new collective agreement. The employee’s collective agreement expired on September 30, 2019 and they could begin strike action in the coming weeks.

o celebrate African Heritage Month, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Anti-Racism/Human Rights Committee is focusing on African Nova Scotian activists who are making a difference and who share their work-related and personal experiences with us. Melissa Marsman interviews Charlene “Missy” Chasse, a proud member of the PSAC – UNE Local 80018 where she holds the elected position of Human Rights Officer.

PSA: Support the Bryony House workers who want to maintain their seats on the Board of Directors. For this to work, we need tangible solidarity action from labour unions, community groups, businesses, individuals and beyond. We are on a very tight timeline.

News release: Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada employed by Bryony House, which is a 24-bed shelter in Halifax, is on the verge of going on strike or being locked out by management as labour tensions continue to escalate.

All too often it’s a foregone conclusion when government decides to outsource a service. But the cleaners at CFB Greenwood and CFB Kingston, Ontario, fought back, and they won. Here is how they did it.

(Wonderful) News release: Plans to contract out cleaning services to private companies at Canadian Forces Bases (CFB) in Greenwood and Kingston have been shelved and the Department of National Defense (DND) has committed to creating a new process for future reviews. Workers at CFB Greenwood were facing unemployment as of next week, with their work being contracted out to a private, for profit company.

I had a great time at SMU last week, digging through box after box of newspaper clippings, minutes posters, and brochures related to well over forty years of civil rights, labour and social justice struggles here in Nova Scotia and beyond. Lynn Jones has scissors, and she isn’t afraid to use them. Eighteen boxes of documentation have found a home at the St Mary’s archives.