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PSA: Immediate call to action – Bryony House

Labour and Community Allies:

Located in Halifax, Bryony House provides essential services for women who are fleeing abuse. The passionate and caring staff keep the organization functioning and immerse themselves into their roles of ensuring women have support during some of the most difficult and vulnerable time of their lives. They have been, and continue to be there for these women, now these staff need your help. 

The members have been bargaining with their employer since June 2019. One major issue remains: the three staff representative seats on the Board of Directors. Management is determined to eliminate it. These three seats out of a total of seventeen provide a voice for the workers and the clients of the shelters – let’s protect it!

They have also been fighting for paid domestic violence leave. The Federal standard is 10 paid days. The managers of this women’s shelter are offering five! This contravenes their own mission which is ’to advocate legislative, social, and economic change with the aim of ending abuse against women and their children.’

For this to work, we need tangible solidarity action from labour unions, community groups, businesses, individuals and beyond. We are on a very tight timeline. 

For more information, visit:

We ask you to participate in the following ways:

Personalized email to the Bryony House Board of Directors and your MLA

Lobbying emails are more likely to be read when they are unique and relatable. 

Explain why *you* think the board needs to cooperate and negotiate a fair contract with the members. 

Ask how they plan to fix this

Demand a reply by Friday, February 19th 

MLA Contact Information 

Sample Letter to MLA

Board of Directors Contact Information

Online Letter Template

Filling out this template will automatically send the prefilled letter to the Bryony House Board of Directors and politicians such as Kelly Regan, Minister responsible for Status of Women, Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax and Local MLAs if applicable. 

Spread the word:

Sharing this Facebook post 

Have one-on-one conversations – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout or a good old phone call!

Share this letter with allies locally and beyond

Community Solidarity Materials:

We can provide posters and information cards for organizations, unions, businesses can display and distribute in their buildings.

Stay tuned:

We need allies on standby should we have to organize direct action. Please reply if we can count on you to participate in these actions in the near future. 

Thank you!

In Solidarity, 

Colleen Coffey, Regional Executive Vice President

Shelley Robinson, Local President