“This is a time people are afraid to talk about racism, afraid to talk about racial discrimination, afraid to utter the words systemic discrimination, but we should not be afraid of it. Because it is alive and well in 2016 in Nova Scotia.” A quick report on today’s anti-racism rally.

Eternal Life: Preserving the Memory of Beechville is a reflective look at how one African Nova-Scotian community is coping with urban sprawl encroaching on its borders. Following the war of 1812, a group of freed slaves settled in Beechville, Nova Scotia as refugees escaping the United States. Almost two centuries later, as urbanization threatens many of Canada’s rural communities, Beechville itself is being swallowed up.

Outright government-sanctioned racism is very much part of Black Canadian history. A recently published book talks about this godawful legacy. The Nova Scotia chapters make for a grim read.

A new ferry named after Viola Desmond would be a wonderful thing.