“Palestine is not just a trend. As Palestine disappears from the news on your phone, Palestine doesn’t disappear. As we speak Israeli settlers are attacking Palestinians, raiding their houses, vandalizing their properties, destroying their graves.” I went to Saturday’s well-attended pro-Palestine rally in Halifax.

Today, Saturday, June 26 at 5pm, an Emergency Rally for Palestine is being held. At Halifax’s Grand Parade Square, Free Palestine Halifax and activists will be calling on the media in Halifax to commit to fair coverage of Palestine and the federal government of Canada to stop selling weapons that are being used to harm and kill Palestinian civilians. We call for the right to self determination, and the right to sovereign rights in a supposed democratic state.

A quick story and some photos of last Wednesday’s vigil in downtown Halifax in remembrance of the Palestinians killed by the Israeli airstrikes. Just to put it on the record.

The story is a familiar one here in Nova Scotia. With full support of the government and without meaningful consultation a precious metal mine is built in a community, leaving residents worried about blasting, water quality and other environmental concerns. The same thing is happening in Guatemala, only much more brutally so. A Canadian-owned mine is vehemently opposed by local Xinka communities, and the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking The Silence Network (BTS) tries to amplify their voices internationally.

“I want to remind people that we are in this together, we are all impacted. If Canada is your front yard, then Africa is your backyard.” I spoke with Sudan expatriate Huwaida Medani about her worries that once the virus takes hold in Sudan, there will be very little to slow it down. All this just when things started to look up as the country got rid of dictator Omar al-Bashir.

Last night a vigil was held at Parade Square in Halifax in honour of the many hundreds of protesters killed in the most recent spate of massacres by the military in Sudan. Canada must fully support the Sudanese people who demand freedom, peace and justice. It can do a lot more.