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Greystone pictorial. The state of public housing in Spryfield

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – These are all recent photos, taken inside and outside of occupied public housing units in the Greystone Drive area in Spryfield, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Halifax.

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The people who live here are tenants of the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority (MRHA). The MRHA, one of five Housing Authorities in Nova Scotia, is part of Housing Nova Scotia,  a provincial government corporation, with the Minister of Community Services in charge.

The state of disrepair of public housing in the community is the result of many years of neglect. Many of the issues documented in the photos have been allowed to continue for years.

Earlier this year MRHA committed to a preventative assessment of all 250 Greystone units with a completion target in June, but residents believe this effort is behind schedule.



  1. They will never get there shit together for the families who have to live in the houses long or short term… why not get someone else to take over the “hill”? Low income families deserve as much as hight income families and do not deserve bed bug or rodents going through there units as a young adult who has lived there with his family with his mother before times got though i don’t think its fair to put the people who need this housing through this type of struggle its a sin to see people have to go through what they do to live on greystone… To me MRHA has to get there shit together or sell to someone who will!!! #sorrynotsorry

  2. As a Citizen of Canada and Nova Scotia, this is deplorable.

    As a citizen of Halifax, this is totally unacceptable. As a Canidate for Halifax Peninsula North, District 8, part of my platform to see these inequities put to end. It is enough and solutions have to be found now!

    Please email any information you feel would be helpful in framing my public discussions and citizen representations to Council and Staff.


    KΛWΛLSKI District 8

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