Call for pitches. The Nova Scotia Advocate is in the money!

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – I am so grateful! Monthly sustainers and one-time givers have stepped up to the plate big time, and the tiny but mighty Nova Scotia Advocate is now looking to pay for a couple of commissioned stories.

How badly the story need to be told is more important than how many people will read it.

I will consider any story pitch, but if I dared to dream (and I do), these are the areas I really would like to cover more and better.


1 – Affordable housing, gentrification, the municipal planning angle, the lack of affordable housing in rural Nova Scotia, that kind of thing;

2 – The arts, in all its subversive forms. This ranges from issues around what the province does to support the arts, to a story about a radical theatre company, or eye opening new poetry.

3 – Meanwhile, the Nova Scotia Advocate will continue to enthusiastically support, train and pay first voice writers on issues related to poverty, welfare, disabilities, racialized communities, the LGBTQ community, immigrants and refugees, and so on.

Don’t let any of this limit you. I will consider pitches on any topic. The only qualifier is that it has to fit in with what the Nova Scotia Advocate is all about. That means for sure it has a Nova Scotia angle of some kind, but beyond that it’s hard to define. Read a couple  of our stories, and you will get the idea.

Remember, we’re the tyrant’s foe, the people’s friend.

Send me a pitch (200 words tops) at rdevet@gmail.com, ideally before December 11. I can pay up to $125 for a story, depending on the complexity of the topic and how experienced a writer you are. Lack of experience as such is not a disqualifier at all, we will work with you.

We have money, but not a whole lot, so you may well be disappointed. Decisions are final.

If you can, please support the Nova Scotia Advocate so that it can continue to cover issues such as poverty, racism, exclusion, workers’ rights and the environment in Nova Scotia.