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Weekend video: Masculins, by Stephanie Young

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – When the Nova Scotia Advocate started featuring a video each weekend, back in March, I thought I was bound to run out of material sometime in the summer. I worried about that.

By now I have stumbled upon so many talented film makers out here in Nova Scotia, that these worries have vanished. Now picking a video for the weekend is just sheer joy, there is so much to choose from.

This week’s video, Masculins, by filmmaker Stephanie Young, is yet another great find.


The short documentary  portrays three individuals who identify mostly as females but also have distinct masculine identities.  They are Valeska Meyer, a.k.a Halifax drag king Vincent St. Grace, comedian Megan McDowell, and performer Margot Durling.

I liked it a lot. It’s warm, funny, and touching.

Masculins premiered in 2014, and it has since toured quite a bit, including showings at Halifax own Atlantic, OutEast and Mayworks festivals. It was produced at the Centre for Art Tapes.

There are some other movies by Young I hope to feature in the coming months.

I am telling you, our Weekend Video series will never end!

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  1. Wow!
    And, thank you Stephanie Young, for opening my eyes! (Thanks to the NS Advocate too.)

    I never knew* there was anything besides “all-in” total immersion.
    That is, all the time for females being male, or for males being female.
    And I’ve always thought that cross-dressing was for males only – sort of like dipping one’s toe in the water to test it.

    * “never knew” meaning that I had never thought about it.

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