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A letter from Danny Cavanagh: Support striking Herald Workers this holiday season!

Dear members:

As the Holiday Season approaches, our brothers and sisters at the Halifax Chronicle Herald are now into the 11th month of their strike.

Striking Chronicle Herald workers in a photo taken just about a year ago. Photo Robert Devet

The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour is asking our affiliates to consider making a donation to the striking Herald workers this holiday season. We also ask that individual members consider donating as well.  We have been given no indication that this strike will end any time soon and our brothers and sisters need our help.

They are up against a union-busting employer that has refused to compromise on its outrageous concession demands which would gut the collective agreement and turn back the clock two decades — not to mention result in the layoff of half the newsroom staff.

As you can imagine, after such a long time on strike, now more than ever, our brothers and sisters need our support and help. For many, paying the mortgage is their biggest concern, never mind buying Christmas presents.

Any donations your local or members could provide — no matter how small — would to help make this Christmas a bit more merry for some very brave men and women who are fighting the good fight.

All cheque donations can be made payable to “HTU Local 30” and sent to:

Halifax Typographical Union, PO Box 8064, Halifax, NS, B3K 5L8

Show your solidarity this holiday season – please make a donation. If you can, drop down to the picket line at 2717 Joseph Howe Drive and make your donations directly to the members. Cash is also greatly appreciated. Every donation makes a difference!

In solidarity,

Danny Cavanagh

Danny Cavanagh is the president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

If you are writing a cheque anyway, please also support the Nova Scotia Advocate so that it can continue to cover issues such as poverty, racism, exclusion, workers’ rights and the environment in Nova Scotia.


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  1. I was up on Fort Needham for the Halifax Explosion remembrance ceremony. One of the photographers had two big DSLRs and the following day there was a big color photo on the C H front page above the fold. So what gives? Are they becoming simply a picture paper?

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