Meet Emma (not her real name), who is on welfare and lives with chronic pain. Her doctor thinks she should get a chiropractic bed, but Community Services doesn’t believe her doctor. Meanwhile, Emma’s appeal got misfiled, and Emma is still waiting.

Burning biomass to generate electricity is not green. In fact, using coal in the short term is cleaner. And short term here means for the next sixty to seventy years. Also, a very sad 2011 video of a clearcut at Higgins Mountain, Cumberland County.

Meet Mabel Robinson, a 90-year-old hairdressing pioneer, the first woman in Hubbards to run a business, and still styling up a storm.

How does environmental racism manifest in Nova Scotia? How do you establish a direct link between health issues in a community and the landfill down the road? We speak with Dr. Ingrid Waldron of the ENRICH project. and meet with two scientists who looked at water quality issues in Lincolnville, an African Nova Scotian community situated near a large landfill.

Ken Summers reports on the abandoned oil well in Cogmagun, Hants County. It is still not cleaned up 14 years later. Triangle Petroleum is on the hook for cleanup costs, but it’s facing bankruptcy in the US and it got a pretty sweet deal from the province. It will pay nothing.