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Weekend video: El Jones’ We will stop Alton Gas, the movie

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Earlier this year the Nova Scotia Advocate was proud and excited to publish El Jones’ We will stop Alton Gas, right after her reading at a  fundraiser for the fearless Alton Gas resisters. Now we bring you Stop Alton Gas, the movie, spoken by El Jones, wonderfully animated by Rachel Derrah and filmed by Izrael Media Arts.

All these corporations do is go around and frack
All these politicians do is scratch each other’s backs
And they sit around and laugh
While they count their stacks of cash
While they poison all the rivers and turn mother earth to ash
And police be on their side as they turn the world to trash
And there’s media on their side posting misleading photographs

To support the Alon Gas resisters  you can simply send an e-transfer to Or you can commit to a more regular donation here.

For many more great poems by EL Jones see her collection Live from the Afrikan Resistance. The video was made with assistance of the Ecology Action Centre.

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