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Weekend video: HANDUP Halifax — ”They see somebody who is a piece of shit”

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – This heart wrenching six-minute video documentary introduces seven Nova Scotians addicted to opioids, as they explain how stigma and prejudice puts their lives at risk. In just a few weeks it gathered 16,000 views, for good reason.

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“Anytime you go to an emergency room you so they know you’re on methadon you are automatically flagged. They don’t see a person with a potential health problem, they see somebody who is a piece of shit.”

“I called the ambulance. They sent two cop cars. They didn’t send any ambulance.”

By the great people of the Halifax Area Network of Drug Using People (HANDUP). HANDUP is a a non-profit organization that tries to improve the lives of people who use drugs through user based peer support and evidence based education.

Created by Sam Armstrong, Chad Purcell, Hans Lafford, Evan Lafford.

We need safe injection sites in Nova Scotia.

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