“Like in law enforcement, criminal justice, housing, employment, education racism also plays a role in the healthcare system. How could it not be,” writes Raymond Sheppard. “To address disparities in healthcare, those involved in the delivery of healthcare must first acknowledge that discrimination and anti-Black racism in the system are real.”

Laura Slade talks with Megan Boudreau, who has vowed not to stop until abortion seekers are no longer harassed by demonstrators at the VG in Halifax. Boudreau tells her that she was “shocked to see the anti choice protesters out so often” and wonders how “such an open, cultural, and seemingly liberal community allows these anti choice protesters to harass people like this.”

Raymond Sheppard on a long wait with his sick grandson at the IWK ER. “I had concluded we were being overlooked and left at the back of the bus because of our ethnicity.”