Education Inclusion Media release

Media release: Women’s march on the People’s House 

2pm – 6pm Monday, March 5th

Provincial Legislature, 1740 Granville Street

Halifax / K’jipuktuk – On Monday, March 5th, from 2pm-6pm, Nova Scotians will gather at the Provincial Legislature to once again try to make their voices heard. Women’s March Canada and Equal Voice Nova Scotia are partnering with educators, parents, and administrators to ask the Government of Nova Scotia to pause Bill 72 and take time to consult before implementing changes to the education system.

Women across Nova Scotia have been impacted greatly by the proposed changes. As mothers, teachers, administrators, care-givers, and elected school board representatives, women of diverse backgrounds are asking the government to pause and reflect. Stop and consult with women who want to work together to make Nova Scotia the best province to educate our children.

A government that behaves in a manner that exemplifies collaboration, inclusion, and compassion is a government that demonstrates it cares for all citizens.

Women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability. We ask to be listened to and have our voices respected.

Nova Scotia is losing 57 elected women and removing African Nova Scotian and Indigenous voices from local decision-making.

On March 5th, we will stand with all who have been adversely affected by Bill 72, the Education Reform Act.

Women’s March Canada aims to increase public awareness and provides ways to act around issues surrounding women’s health, economic security, representation, and safety.

Equal Voice is a multipartisan member organization dedicated to electing more women to public office at all levels of government.

CONTACT – Pamela Lovelace, Chair, Equal Voice Nova Scotia