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Media release: Liberal convention after-party interrupted by Kinder Morgan opposition

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April 22 2018


Water protectors, climate justice organizers call on Trudeau to live up to UNDRIP and Paris Accord

K’jipuktuk/Halifax – As the Liberal Party wrapped up its convention in Halifax, members were met by a crowd calling for the party to stop supporting the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The protesters carried banners and a mock pipeline through the Liberal Convention after-party on Argyle Street last night.

Prime Minister Trudeau has often been quoted saying the governments can give permits, but only communities can give consent. “Clearly the Indigenous community, as well as the citizens of British Columbia, has not provided consent or social license for this project to proceed,” said Chief Phillip on Tuesday.

Photo Robin Tress

“We will not be governed by the fossil fuel industry,” said organizer Robin Tress. “The federal government is creating laws in the fossil fuel industry’s favour, like bill C-69, and is using taxpayers’ dollars in favour of industry by giving a $2 billion direct handout to Kinder Morgan.”

“Trudeau has made some big promises to adhere to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to end fossil fuel subsidies, and to take real climate action,” says organizer Laura Cutmore. “He’s breaking all of those promises here: he’s running roughshod over the clear opposition to this pipeline by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, he’s handing over a $2 billion direct subsidy to a massive oil company, and he’s encouraging fossil fuel development over a just and renewable future.”

This demonstration is part of a wave of protest plaguing the federal government across Canada and the world since it pledged to “get the pipeline built” despite multiple fronts of opposition in BC from grassroots direct action to a province-sponsored court case.


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