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Letter: When are the police going to stop bullying and harming young people?

So the RCMP Tasered a 17 year old girl at least three times in her own bedroom—her crime was likely ‘non-compliance’ with the cops’ demands to calm down, but she had taken LSD, at home.

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It was 10 years ago that Judge Anne Derrick said “The spectacle of a 17-year-old girl being Tasered in her bedroom is a very disturbing and disconcerting one,”  after the teen was tasered by police.  Her mother had called the police to help calm her daughter, after they had had an argument.

After bursting into her bedroom, tasering and manhandling the girl, Metro police then charged the girl with assault, and resisting arrest.  Judge Derrick dismissed the charges.

When are the police going to stop bullying and harming young people?  How can it be that just last week, two officers from the best trained force in the country, the RCMP, resorted to kicking, tasering, name-calling, and punching an unarmed girl  in her bedroom?

I don’t think the RCMP can afford any more bad publicity. Haven’t 400 women already complained about sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the force? RCMP heads should roll.

Judy Haiven is a retired professor of Industrial Relations at Saint Mary’s University

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  1. Truth is cops are NOT well trained. It is insane to expect a person trained for 9 months to be competent ALL POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD DO 3 YEARS POLICE TECH and only THEN 9 Months Police Academy. Any one with less is an asshole with a gun and tragedy waiting to happen. I know this and I am a mother of a well trained police officer.

  2. Good of mom you are to speck out ..As they do not any any clue some of them..This young girl i know the family all my life ,,It is a shame they just should have taken her to the hospital and allowed them to get her under control from a bad drug!

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