Saturday, 22 September 2018

Judy Haiven: Not a kind word, not a cup of vending machine coffee, not even a hug. And don’t get us started on why the young woman was not privileged enough to see a doctor or a nurse.  This is what happened to a rape victim who walked into the Colchester East Hants Health Centre hospital in Truro last week.

Judy Haiven: “What is the point of the city declaring downtown Halifax’s Schmidtville a Heritage Conservation District when hundreds of houses in the area are at risk of cracking, shifting and even falling apart? Why should local people have to put up with more excavations and blasting so some rich guys can get richer?”

Judy Haiven on Natal Day, unfortunately by no means a holiday for most of Nova Scotia’s workers. Our province is stingy when it comes to designating statutory holidays.

Lately we have heard a lot about dine and dash, people who don’t pay their restaurant bill. Some restaurant owners make the server pay. This is both illegal and immoral, writes Judy Haiven. “Where are the managers and owners: aren’t managers supposed to manage? Aren’t they supposed to watch out for diners who dash?”