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Open letter to NSUARB re Goldboro LNG plant

To: Bruce Kiley, Chief Clerk, NSUARB
From: Alexander Bridge

Date: June 10, 2018

RE: LNG Facility, Goldboro, NS

As a resident and taxpayer of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG), I am writing to the NSUARB to share my concerns over the pending Goldboro LNG facility.

I have heard many discussions across the MODG regarding this industrial plant, its impact on the area, county and province. I have heard people talk positively about the jobs it will bring to an area short on consistent employment and economic stability. And I have also heard others, with their concerns over the plant’s impact on the environment given the high emissions volume, as well as the potential safety issues.

The media has reported a great deal about the project, size, location, cost, regulations, and the players, etc. But what I am not hearing now is the impact this LNG facility will have on Nova Scotia’s cap-and-trade pricing system. Given its size as the province’s largest GHG emitter, the owner Pieridae will need to buy major credits to offset future emissions.

In reviewing what I have read and researched, even if the facility is built utilizing a best-case emissions intensity benchmark from Nova Scotia Environment, the facility will add over 2.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually; increasing the province’s 2022 GHG emissions by over 20%. These staggering emissions should not only be a concern to the NSUARB, but also a concern to everyone living in Nova Scotia.

It appears this proposed facility offers a high degree of risk for the entire area. I believe safety is a formidable issue, given the size of this 10 billion dollar facility with its sprawling infrastructure and dock facilities. What level of public safety is there for residents in the immediate Goldboro area and beyond, should a major accident occur? What safeguards will be in place to assure the public this is a “safe & secure” industrial facility?

It is my understanding the NSUARB will look carefully and thoroughly at this project. But in addition, I feel it is imperative the board needs to engage too, with the public in this detailed process. That is only fair since there is much at stake here, not just for the MODG and its citizens, but also for every Nova Scotian.


Alexander Bridge
Boylston, NS

Alexander Bridge suggests that if you share his concerns about this facility (emissions and safety) you can also send the UARB a letter. 2 PM the 15th of June is the deadline for Letters of Comment to the Board.  This could move the NSUARB to decide to hold a public hearing and possibly delay the project. Letters should be sent to the clerk at the NSUARB- “Kiley, Bruce A” <Bruce.Kiley@novascotia.ca>

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