Message of support to the people inside the Burnside jail and everywhere else prisoners fight for more humane conditions, from the Termite Collective, a group of Canadian volunteers, former inmates, and currently incarcerated inmates. “We the inmates in Canadian prisons offer you our support, our solidarity, and our prayers; we hope that your demands will be met and that your conditions will improve. No human beings should be kept in cages and treated worse than animals; in fact, if animals were treated like prisoners, PETA would go off!”

Shambhala, definitely not an enlightened space. Better stay away, kids!

We talked with El Jones to better understand what is driving the protest inside the Burnside jail, and how people on the outside can support the prisoners. “The prisoners are not saying anything that is in the least contentious. The demands are all very basic, we have known of these issues for a very long time.”

NS Federation of Labour president Danny Cavanagh, on the terrible injustice done to loyal Sears workers when the company folded. They’re not the first to lose pensions and benefits, writes Danny, but maybe we can make sure they’re the last. “Workers fulfil their obligations at their jobs and expect the company they worked for to do the same. That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. It is really about fairness for workers.”

Letter of concern by Guysborough resident (and frequent NS Advocate contributor) Alexander Bridge, re this year’s glyphosate spraying program, in Guysborough County and elsewhere, announced earlier this summer. “As a resident of Boylston, Nova Scotia, allow me to share my concerns and extreme disappointment with our provincial government’s weak forestry regulations.”