You are invited to the Community Forum hosted by the Disability Rights Coalition to learn about the current status of services for persons with disabilities and their families. Nova Scotia has the highest rate per capita of those living with a disability in Canada and is one of the last provinces who have large segregated institutions who warehouse people because of their disability.

“Can we just race down the highway? Rob a bank? Steal from a store? Of course not. How then can the government pass legislation that is against our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?” Danny Cavanagh on legislating postal workers engaged in rotating strikes back to work.

Raymond Sheppard on the need for Africentric mental health services: “African Nova Scotians suffer in silence, not being privy to programs and services they can identify with. With differences in heritage, culture and lineage, the time is past due for services and programs that accommodate the unique differences of African Nova Scotians.”