This weekend’s Weekend Video, Me too: From hashtags to healing, features some of the expert sexual assault trauma therapists who work for the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, talking about their backgrounds and the very important work they do. 

Last year’s tribute concert was award-nominated, so you definitely need to be there for the 2019 show! With Reeny Smith and Owen O’Sound Lee (directing and performing)

Here are a few of the stories the Nova Scotia Advocate covered in 2018 dealing with the many ways racism continues to manifest in Nova Scotia. There are other stories as well, some we missed, some of those were picked up by larger newsrooms, and others no doubt aren’t on anybody’s radar.

Scott Neigh, through his weekly Talking Radical podcast, provides a centre stage to activists, their causes, and the how and why of their strategic approaches. Scott always kindly allows me to repost a podcast if it is of particular relevance to Nova Scotia Advocate readers. Earlier we featured his eye opening interview with El Jones on organizing vulnerable prison populations and the responsibilities that brings, and an interview with water protectors Dorene Bernard and Rebecca Moore on the mess that is Alton Gas. This week we present Scott’s interview with Marilyn Keddy and Peter Puxley of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia,, about the threat of offshore oil exploration to climate change and fisheries, and about the challenges of organizing in rural Nova Scotia.