Labour Media release

News release: NSFL says three days of paid domestic violence leave in NS will make a difference, but will continue to seek ten days

NS Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh is pleased to see today’s update on regulatory amendments to the General Labour Standards Code Regulations to provide employer-paid domestic violence leave for up to 3 days in each calendar year as of January 1, 2019.

“Many members of our affiliated unions took part in the NSFL online campaign to write Premier McNeil and Minister of Labour to voice support to the NS Federation of Labour campaign for paid leave for victims of domestic violence.

“Speaking out makes a difference and we will continue to speak out on this important issue til we see ten days of paid leave. New Brunswick has five and some provinces have ten days.

“The change announced today is an important start in addressing domestic violence in Nova Scotia, but it is not far enough and we would like to see ten days of paid domestic violence leave as the best way to give victims true economic stability”, says Cavanagh.

Paid days of leave for people who have experienced domestic violence are critical for the women of Nova Scotia who need protected leave and support when fleeing or living in a violent situation.

Cavanagh is glad that the NS Liberal Government took the important steps to remove the major barrier for women escaping domestic and intimate partner violence – paid leave. The Federation will continue to work with the Department of Labour and affiliates to see if three days can be changed to ten days.

“People should not be penalized financially when they are dealing with being victimized by a family member or partner,” says Cavanagh.