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PSA: Respect water, respect life − Stop Alton Gas

To whom it may concern.

It is against federal regulations in the federal Fisheries Act to deposit brine into a body of water where fish frequent. The public has lost all faith in government as they have allowed Alton Gas to receive their provincial permits while knowingly breaking federal laws by dumping 260 ppt at a rate of 10 000 cubic meters per day, which is a release of a deleterious substance. Alton Gas has also not acquired consent from the Mi’kmaq Nation and their design will knowingly violate the Treaty Rights of Mi’kmaq.

It is both the provincial and federal responsibility to protect the water and fish habitat by law. At this time it appears both federal and provincial governments are knowingly protecting Alton Gas instead of protecting fish habitat and Treaty Rights. This needs to stop now. The laws are in place, it is now your duty as the government to suspend all permits and charge the company.

We know that the law has already been broken because the province of Nova Scotia failed to get clearance on 2.1(b) in the provinces terms and conditions of the Environmental Assessment. By not getting clearance they failed to up hold federal laws. Failing to not check off 2.1(b) is a prosecutable violation of the Nova Scotia Environment Act.

Our questions are as follows:

  1. When will the permits be revoked?
  2. When will the government upload the Fisheries Act and tell Alton Gas their project is against federal law and cannot go ahead?
  3. When will the Nova Scotia government uphold the Nova Scotia Environment Act?
  4. How can this project have received permits without consent or proper consultation from the Mi’kmaq when it will cause serious harm to fish and fish habitat protected by Treaty Rights?

Please read the diagram below:

Rachael Greenland-smith
Dale Poulette


  1. It appears to me whenever they want to destroy the land,water ,air they locate a reservation Pictou landing pulp mill they tried to frack near whycobah the hrm dump was gonna be near Indian brook me and my father the late chief Reg Maloney had looked for week’s for a 1800 century burial ground near Georgefield dump,we found it ,his grandfather showed it to him yrs back malouins cemetery,so the dump went near cherry brook or Preston, now Alton ,near our historic shubie river which had fed us for years, since we have only been allowed to fish again as of lately now it may to be destroyed and might very well end up like Pictou,I can smell it now.This is just another way of seeing it ,they way it look’s from my eye’s very strange we have to buy our own land back to save it,let’s hope we can 😢

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