People who get paid the least and work in the most unstable jobs are often the people most vulnerable to abuse by their bosses. And without a union or money to get legal help, these workers usually have nowhere to go. In Halifax at least that situations has improved a bit. There is now a Workers Action Centre (WAC) that you can turn to for answers to your questions and for concrete support.

PSA: “Tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 21), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to Halifax to apologize for anti-black remarks made on Parliament Hill. 400+ years of entrenched and systemic anti-black racism, 4 years in power, and just now we’re getting a visit behind closed doors? Anti-black racism cuts deep. Any apology without payment and full restitution is shallow.”

PSA: Dead or Alive? The state of African Nova Scotian activism. A critical conversation on the future of the African Nova Scotian community. Feb 20, 2019, 6:30 PM, Halifax North Memorial Public Library.

Alex Kronstein reflects on activist language that gets co-opted and turned against autistic activists. “Autistic people have a great deal of shared experiences and history. But this is constantly being erased by allistic parents and professionals, the mainstream media, politicians, and the mainstream autism organizations,” he writes.