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PSA: Two days left for public submissions on Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent pipe

Only two days remain to submit your comments to Nova Scotia Environment in regard to the environmental assessment of Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent pipe.

You can view the proposal here. For a few tips, you can check out the Environmental Assessment response tool kit here, courtesy of Friends of Northumberland Strait, and then submit your comments here.  

Don’t feel as though you need to be an expert to submit comments, speak your truth and experience but rely on facts to base your arguments. It only takes a few minutes to make your submission so please take the time to let your thoughts be known on this crucial decision that will effect Nova Scotia for decades to come. 

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  1. Evapen if one has no concerns about environmental effects, one must still consider liability for damages to properties, including depreciated values of residences and cottages along both sides of the Northumberland Strait, which would plummit with pollution of the waters and subsequent loss of fisheries and recreational facilities. This would extend well beyond Pictou County, and would be well into the billions of dollars. Northern Pulp offers no guarantee or plan to reimburse any property owners a cent for this, but, based on their past performance, the unofficial plan is probably be to leave it up to the provincial government and either continue the status quo, or to close the plant and walk away.

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