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News release: Neurodiversity flag raising for World Autism Acceptance Day

For Immediate Release March 15, 2019

KJIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) – The Nova Scotia chapter of Autistics United Canada announces their inaugural neurodiversity flag raising event on Friday, March 29 in recognition of World Autism Acceptance Day.

Neurodiversity is the natural diversity of human brains and minds. The neurodiversity flag features the iconic rainbow infinity mobius strip symbol on a white background. The rainbow infinity symbol symbolizes the great diversity in the Autistic community, and is widely used to represent the larger neurodiversity community beyond autism, such as ADHD and dyslexia. One of the earliest uses of the rainbow infinity symbol is for Autistic Pride Day, created in 2005 by the group Aspies for Freedom, and the symbol has been widely adopted in the years since by many autistic people and autistic-run organizations.

It is also considered a response to the puzzle piece symbol, which many autistic people consider highly offensive. Long thought of as the main symbol of autism, it has often been associated with the idea that autistic people are missing pieces or puzzles to be solved, so that they can become whole people. In this context, the puzzle piece symbol, as well as the puzzle piece ribbon, are considered by autistic people to contribute to stigma through negative associations.

The Halifax flag raising will be held at Grand Parade, and begins at 10:00 am. Following the flag raising and reading of the proclamation, attendees are invited to a reception in the Halifax Hall at City Hall. Cake and light refreshments will be served. There will also be a chance to learn how Autistics United Canada is working to promote the inclusion of Autistic people in the conversations and decisions that affect their lives, and how they build connections in the Autistic community and work to foster a strong sense of Autistic identity and pride.

Autistics United (AU) Canada is a grassroots self-advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of Autistic people in what is colonially known as Canada. All our leadership positions are held by Autistic people, reflecting our core value: “Nothing About Us, Without Us!” AU Canada is also about building connections in the Autistic community and fostering a strong sense of Autistic identity and pride. From local initiatives to national issues, Autistics United Canada has been at the forefront of Autistic-led advocacy in Canada.

Local Contact: Alex Kronstein, Autistics United Nova Scotia Email: