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PSA: Black feminist panel discussion – Sisters in the struggle

May 22, 2019,  7PM – 9PM

Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St, Halifax

Sisters In The Struggle is a Black Feminist Panel Discussion about the yet-to-be-heard story of Black Women in the Feminist Movement in Nova Scotia during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Each panellist will speak about her role as a leader during these transformative times. We generally don’t imagine the Feminist Leaders of the day to be Black when, in fact, Black Women were a strong presence, organizing, speaking at the podium, motivating others and marching for women’s rights as well as for global human rights.

It is time their stories were told and their contributions to social justice acknowledged and recognized.

The panel will consist of four dynamic women: Sister Lynn Jones, Dolly Williams, Delvina Bernard and, Carolann Wright.  Panel Moderator: El Jones

“When we speak of feminism there almost always is the tendency to assume that this is something that was created by white women.”  

Author and Feminist Civil Rights Leader, Angela Davis

“We marched, sang, protested and supported the feminist movement, we fought for maternity leave, employment equity, flex time, and society stands on our shoulders.”

Panel Event Organizer, Shelley Fashan

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