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PSA: The Bus Stop Theatre needs your support now! Contact HRM Council before the vote

Dear supporters,

You are receiving this message because you have already sent a letter on our behalf or have expressed to us a desire to help. And for that, we are very grateful.

We now need to call on you for urgent action in support of the Bus Stop Theatre. As you may have heard, HRM staff produced a report that recommends not providing funding to the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op in this budget year.

While the report also recommends further discussion to examine the possibility of funding in the next or following years, our own timeline does not permit us to wait without any demonstrable commitments.

HRM Regional Council will be meeting next on Tuesday, June 4th at 10am to vote on whether or not to accept the staff recommendation.

We know there is support for our project from a number of councilors, but we need your help to drive the message home and to also let councilors living off the peninsula know the importance of the Bus Stop Theatre to the whole city and region.

It isn’t too late, and with your help we can convince HRM council to make a commitment now (even if only for future funding) that will open up a future for the Bus Stop Theatre.

3 ways to support us now:

1- Send a letter to HRM Council

The first and most basic thing to do is to take a quick moment to send an email. If you’ve sent a letter previously – particularly if it’s a personalized one – you can use the same and resend it to the council addresses below. If you haven’t sent a letter yet, or have lost your previous letter, you can use the template below.

2- Make a call to your Councilor

If you can, directly reaching out to your own Councilor by phone makes a big impact. If you have a personal relationship with your Councilor, or know someone who does – now is the time to make use of that. You can find contact info for all Councilors here:

3- Join us on June 4th at City Hall

If you’re able, please come to City Hall on June 4th at 10am to observe the Regional Council meeting. No need to speak or demonstrate. Your simple presence in the room will be a strong show of support for us.

Template Letter

Copy the addresses below to send to the Mayor, all HRM Councilors and the Municipal Clerk’s Office. Feel free to use the template below and please send your letter before June 1st.



Subjet: Vote to support the Bus Stop Theatre

Dear Mr Mayor and Councilors,

I am writing to express support for the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op’s plan to purchase the property currently housing them and also to build additional spaces for cultural creation and presentation.

I urge you to vote in support of a commitment toward securing a future for the Bus Stop Theatre.

The Bus Stop Theatre is a crucial and unique institution in Halifax: a financially accessible venue with a strong mandate of community engagement and facilities for theatre, music, film screenings, art installations and more.

The Bus Stop is welcoming to diverse artists and audiences and has a strong reputation for supporting emerging artists from all communities. It is also a venue which draws well established artists both from the region and farther afield and often serves as a launchpad for many artists whose careers attain national and international recognition. The Bus Stop’s presence as a hub of cultural activity in Halifax and the province is essential.

Furthermore, Halifax is in desperate need of spaces for cultural showcasing and the disappearance of the Bus Stop Theatre would be devastating to numerous arts organizations across disciplines. I fully support their plan to purchase their building and expand their facilities.


[Your name]