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News brief: Halifax Against Hate organizes counter demo as National Citizens Alliance is back in town

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Despite prior efforts being thwarted time and again the Islamophobic and xenophobic far-right National Citizens Alliance continues its efforts to establish a foothold in Nova Scotia.

Halifax Against Hate, a Facebook group that monitors the rise of hate groups in the city and the province, is calling on Haligonians to join a counter demo when the National Citizens Alliance holds a public rally at the Grand Parade in Halifax this Saturday afternoon, June 22.

Just last month the NCA was forced to cancel public events in Truro and Sydney after a public outcry caused the local Canadian Legion and the Lions Club to withdraw their venues.

As well, a May 2018 meeting in Halifax was cancelled after the Canadian Legion revoked the rental. And after the group joined the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Parade in Kentville without an invitation they were banned from participating in future parades for life.

Public rallies in our city suffered a similar fate after counter protesters far outnumbered NCA sympathizers.  

“We have denied these genocidal bigots a platform in Halifax numerous times because of such strong support from the community, let us show them once more, that hatred and racism are not welcome in our city,” writes Halifax Against Hate on its facebook page.  

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