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News brief: White supremacists plan another Nova Scotia campaign (updated)

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Update, May 28, 3:45 PM. Both the Sydney and Truro NCA events have been cancelled, thanks to the efforts of community members who contacted the two venues to let them know that white supremacists are not welcome in their community. Follow Halifax Against Hate on Twitter for further updates.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The white supremacist National Citizens Alliance (NCA) is making another effort to get established in Nova Scotia.

Public meetings have been announced for Halifax (June 3), Sydney (June 5) and Truro (June 7). A location for the Halifax event has not yet been announced, but the group on its Facebook page lists the Truro and District Lions Club for the Truro event, and the Branch 12 Legion hall for the Sydney event.

Earlier efforts to stop the NCA from getting a venue in Nova Scotia to spout their Islamophobic and racist hate have been mostly successful.

For instance, a May 2018 meeting in Halifax was cancelled after the Canadian Legion revoked the rental. Also. after the group joined the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Parade in Kentville without an invitation they were banned from from future parades for life.

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Public rallies suffered a similar fate after counter protesters far outnumbered NCA sympathizers.  

The twitter account Halifax Against Hate is asking the public to contact the Sydney Branch 12 Legion Hall, and the Truro Lions Club to alert them to the true nature of the group and request that the rental be cancelled.

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  1. I’m the hall manager at the Truro and District Lions Club. We rent to all Individuals in our community regardless of their color race religion political affiliation. We are Volunteers who work in the community to help all walks of life. We do not associate ourselves with any person or group who rent the club. We are not responsible for any opinions or views of any political party. I think you for the concerns I have received so far.

    1. The NCA is a hate group advocating for white supremacy and anti-immigration that is trying to gain a foothold in Nova Scotia. As Hall Manager of the Truro Lions Club IT IS ABSOLUTELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure a known hate group that espouses racism and xenophobia is not granted space in this community venue.

      In 2018, the RLC Branch 27 cancelled the booking when they discovered it was made by the NCA. In addition, the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival has also banned them from participating in Apple Blossom Parade and the organizers issued an apology to the community for including them in the 2018 parade.

      Do the right thing.

      1. Absolutely agree 100%. What a dangerous act for a group who relies greatly on community support to keep their clubs afloat. I a was absolutely shocked when I saw they would allow an NCA meeting to be held on their premises.

    2. Rob, the NCA is a hate group. This is a very irresponsible stance to take. Your club is a very valued resource in our community, but renting to this group would stain your reputation. I urge you to reconsider, research the NCA and see what vile and hateful messages they are trying to put into out community.

    3. This is disgusting, follw the lead of the legion that cancelled this type of booking. You are allowing a space for hate to breed this is not right and I will be spreading the word to family and friends to never rent from this hall again.

    4. Rob. Please do not provide a space and a platform for a hate group. This is not a political party – it’s a hate group. It’s Canada’s KKK. We all have a responsibility to stand up against such things, for the good of our communities.

    5. Don’t call yourself diverse when you are happy to take money from a hate group. I expect the Nazi party or the KKK will be next on your list of bookings. Not one more penny will be going to the Lions club since you can’t see the difference between a political organization and a hate group

    6. I will assume the Truro Lion’s Club could do without the income from this rental. You may think not, but you are ABSOLUTELY associating yourselves with this group and you are most definitely responsible for allowing them to spread their hatred. Good job Truro Lion’s Club, really community minded…

    7. If you rent your space out to a bunch of racists, you are condoning and and aiding racists. Give your head a shake, put your big boy pants on, and tell those racists they are not welcome in your hall it in your town.

      It is cowardly to turn your head and shrug your shoulders. I expect better of the Lion’s Club, and I expect better of you.

  2. Is you don’t cancel it you will be held on the wrong side of history. There is no place for such groups in a civilized society.

  3. Allowing such vile people to promote hatred is not considered to be democratic or just “all in a day’s business opportunity.”
    Obviously, individuals and any community organization which turns a blind eye to the kkk mentality does not warrant respect or community support. Disgraceful, at so many levels.

  4. Maybe you should go join the NCA if that’s the values you share and step away from the Lion’s Club that has historically been an organization that help a and doesn’t hurt people.

  5. We see only too well what impact hate and fear mongering has done to our neighbors to the South. Please reconsider. I for one know that I would
    NEVER support an organization that would provide harbor for such a group. This would forever tarnish your reputation and the good works that you do otherwise. Please reconsider.

  6. Dear Hall Manager,
    It is good that you do not discriminate against renters based on colour, race, religion, or political affiliation. These are important principles and laws. To respect them, you must not rent to those promoting their violation.
    It is not possible to be neutral if you provide a venue to hate mongers and certainly your fine reputation in our community will be tarnished. I have volunteered at some Lion functions and respect local members; I wouldn’t even attend your fair if you rent to the NCA. Please reconsider.

  7. Please reconsider. The Lions Club do wonderful work for all members of society, don’t they? The message of this group would be to oppose your community efforts.

  8. A few years back , We were putting on a music show in Truro to showcase up and coming artists in our area. We went to the Truro Lions Club to try to rent it for the venue…The man asked what kind of music will be played …When we told the man it was mostly a Metal show. He refused to rent it to us because he was worried about damage to the hall, All metal heads care about at a show is metal.. So Rob Shank, Don’t say you rent to all individuals in the community. But a hate group is OK.

  9. From the Truro and District Lions Club would like to inform you the event for June 7th has been canceled

  10. I think the best response is for any other group renting the hall cancel their event until such time that the Lions Club understands that support of this group will end support of them from other groups

  11. This is one those times Rob Shank where you pick a side. By allowing groups such as these to use your facilities you are saying it’s ok. The support your group will lose as a result of this isn’t worth it. Do what you know is right.

  12. Rob, You are absolutely responsible for what a political organisation says in your building. You are a willing party. This is a shameful act.

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