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Abdilahi Elmi free while UN considers Canada’s case for deportation!

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) is considering the case of Abdilahi Elmi, the former child refugee who Canada wants to deport to Somalia, one of the most dangerous countries in the world.  

While the UN looks into the case Elmi will be released, El Jones announced on her Facebook page. Jones was instrumental in mobilizing support for Elmi in Halifax.

“From Edmonton:Elmi is getting released today! He is not being deported on Monday!! CBSA RESPONDED TO UNITED NATIONS REQUEST and will do an investigation,” Jones writes. “The fight is not over but Elmi is safe for now. We as a community must continue to support him.”

The UN Committee requested that Canada not deport Elmi pending the  review of his case by the UN. It has also asked that Canada make its case for deportation within 60 days. 

It would be unusual for Canada to ignore the UN’s request not to deport Elmi while the UN Investigation is ongoing, writes Benjamin Perryman on Twitter. Perryman was the lawyer of Abdoul Abdi, another Somali child refugee who faced a similar fate a year ago.

It was a day full of drama, as late this afternoon the federal court dismissed the stay, meaning that Elmi could have been deported as early as Monday, had it not been for the UN intervention.

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