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Lest we forget, a poem by Angela Bowden

Written to remember and  honour our ancestors who survived over 400 years of slavery so that one day we will  live again! Ubuntu- I am because they were first!

Lest we forget applies to our pain
Lest we forget all of those soldiers too 
The ones who fought the Black battle
And then all of yours too.

Taking the broken pieces of slavery 
and trying to create something normal 
something safe - er
something less pain-ful.

But all of their abuse 
chokes me out like a noose
And sure that may have changed
But the laws are the chains
And the policies that remain
De facto noose 
By excuse
To refrain  from the perception 
That it is abuse 
the chains are just loose!

Still my body remains shackled 
And lead back to my place 
My mind remains controlled 
my voice silenced 
So nobody will know my truth

And I am supposed to forget
All of the pain
All of the sweat
what about our blood, is it enough yet?
Has it not fertilized enough worth yet?
And you tell me to work harder
But I can’t see past the sweat!
And you tell me, 
Just be patient
But that’s all my tears have been!

So I cry
We cry
They even cry 
From the dead

When the past is my present
And my scars still remain
And our lives still don’t matter
I am living in that pain
So how do you expect me 
-to forget?

Angela “Angee” Bowden is a poet , spoken word artist and story teller. Bowden writes largely in advocacy to educate and  tell the truth about today’s society and speak the stories long forgotten. She speaks so that through her voice she may unmute long silenced voices of others.

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