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PSA: Counter-demo against far-right PPC Oct 11, 6pm

Once again, it’s time to stand up against hatred, bigotry and ignorance Halifax.

Far-Right,Trump wannabe, Maxime Bernier and the PPC candidates for Nova Scotia are holding a political rally on Friday, Oct. 11, 7pm, at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel. (Give them a call @ 19024211700)

We are organizing a counter demo outside the Marriot hotel’s front entrance at 1919 Upper Water Street for 6pm. This is a non-violent protest aimed at bringing awareness to the Racist, Fascistic tendencies of the PPC and to make it toxic to whoever gives them a platform.

Maxime Bernier and his PPC have demonstrated over and over that they are the political party of choice for the growing Far-Right movement in so-called Canada. From its conception, Bernier’s party has been inundated with racist, xenophobic and even explicit white power candidates. His personal crusade against the principles of multiculturalism and tolerance for others is a clarion call to every fascist/racist in the country. Folks would like to think the PPC is just an alternative to the Conservative party, but the evidence is clear, Bernier actively recruits and legitimizes Far-Right extremists.

By accepting fascists, racists and conspiracy theorists into his party, the PPC has become a Far-Right threat to our liberties and democracy. We must never let them gain parliamentary power, lest they use that power to further oppress our communities. The PPC must be denounced, de-platformed and opposed.

Bring signs, noise makers, and love to drown out the hate ♥

Make sure to check out the Facebook event for updates, etc.