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Press release: The 3rd Annual Great Big Bus Stop Basket Auction

November 25: Online bids begin at December 1: Bidding ends at a year-end celebration of the Bus Stop Theatre from 6pm to 8pm 

The Bus Stop Theatre is hosting its annual holiday gift basket auction. Gift baskets are assembled and donated by its cooperative member companies (including 2b Theatre, the Centre for Art Tapes, the Mayworks Festival and many more) and a variety of local businesses in support of the Bus Stop which itself supports countless artists and community groups in Halifax and beyond. 

The Bus Stop Theatre is a versatile and accessible performance space and one of the most exciting cultural venues in our region. The theatre annually host over a 100 events across artistic disciplines – theatre, of course, but also concerts, film screenings and sold out monthly improv shows. 

The Bus Stop Theatre has received much public attention as of late, most recently for being awarded the inaugural Arts Nova Scotia Creative Community Impact Award but also for its ongoing campaign to save itself through a property purchase that would secure its home on Gottingen St. 

Gift baskets will be announced on November 25th on the theatre’s Facebook page ( and website ( where bids can be placed online ahead of a party on December 1st where the baskets will be displayed and auctioned off at 8pm. 

Here’s an opportunity to support a vital piece of cultural infrastructure while checking some names off your holiday gift list. An easy double win. 

Sebastien Labelle, Executive Director, The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op